Launched by Timewise in May 2016, the 'Hire Me My Way' campaign aims to transform the UK jobs market, by increasing the proportion of quality flexible jobs. Employers who join our campaign are leading the way in a new recruitment initiative: flexible hiring.

How does the campaign help business?

Employers who back the Hire Me My Way campaign are keen to optimise talent attraction, by reaching out to skilled candidates who can’t work a traditional full-time job. Flexible hiring is a solution to skills’ shortages and to the challenge of maintaining a diverse talent pipeline through to senior management. As an extension of flexible working, it also contributes to employee motivation and productivity.

If your business is ready to take this step, opening up more of your jobs to flexible options from day one of a new hire, then we welcome you to join us. There is no cost involved, and you will get your brand in front of an audience of candidates seeking flexible work. You will also get free support and advice from Timewise, to help you articulate your message to candidates.



What does the campaign mean for candidates?

Hire Me My Way’s goal is to treble the proportion of quality part time and flexible jobs by 2020. That will mean one million advertised vacancies per year.

The aim is to create a fairer jobs market, ending years of disadvantage for candidates seeking flexible work. At the moment, more than half of all UK employees work part time or flexibly, but when they want to go for promotion or move to a new job they are competing for less than 1 in 10 advertised vacancies. Many people are forced to down-skill to get the flexibility they need, or even abandon their careers. There is a loss to the UK workforce, as well as financial and personal loss to the candidates.

We see Hire Me My Way as the start of a movement that will create a level playing field for all candidates. Where hiring is based on talent and experience, rather than on being able to fit in with a prescribed work pattern.

How can your business join?

Take one of these three steps: