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How can you avoid missing out on great candidates who just so happen to want some flexibility in their role? Where can you go to access these candidates, outside your traditional recruitment channels?

Timewise has been in the recruitment business for flexible and part time vacancies for over 10 years. We have a wealth of experience of talking to businesses about how to attract a wider, more diverse talent pool by opening up to flexibility at the point of hire. We know how to design vacancies to accommodate flexible working options. And we understand the importance of having open conversations about flexibility throughout the recruitment process, so that candidates seeking flexibility ‘feel safe’ to approach you.

There’s a conundrum at play here: you want to attract talented people, and for the best candidate you’ll happily discuss flexibility. But how does that candidate know they can apply for the post, if the job ad doesn’t say whether flexibility will be considered? And where can candidates go to look for jobs, when the flexible hiring market is so hidden?

Our jobs board

Timewise JobsTimewise Jobs logo is a niche jobs board specialising in flexible and part time vacancies for people with skills and experience. We can help you find those extra candidates you might otherwise miss. We can also help you position your employer brand as a more inclusive business, and one which is open to new and different ways of working.

Tmewise Jobs successfully fills 70% of jobs placed with us. We have over 90,000 registered candidates, 95% of whom have more than 5 years’ experience – 66% in a managerial or professional capacity.

Visit our recruiter zone to see the range of packages we can offer you, or call our sales team on 0330 355 3555 to discuss the best option for your business.