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Scottish Flexible Jobs Index

As part of our focus on fair flexible work, Timewise’s third report for the Scottish Government examines how many jobs are advertised with the option to work flexibly. More than 7 in 10 jobs are still off limits for flexible workers.

Scottish Flexible Jobs Index 2021

Flexible hiring – advertising job vacancies as flexible from day one – is a key building block for fair access to work. It is a lifeline for people who need to work flexibly; a talent-boosting opportunity for employers; and at a societal level, it is a tool that can help tackle inequality.

Yet the Scottish Flexible Jobs Index finds that only 27% of jobs in Scotland offer flexible working. The switch to hybrid working during the pandemic is still massively under-represented in the jobs market. And there is growing disparity in the access to flexibility across different salary levels, role types and Scottish regions.

Our report contains recommendations for employers who want to improve inclusion and diversity in their organisations, by extending their flexible working practice into their recruitment practice.

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