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Fair Flexible Councils

The Fair Flexible Council training programme has been developed and piloted with Camden Council, with a shared ambition to ensure that all workers within a locality have access to good quality flexible work, regardless of job role or sector, to enhance their wellbeing and financial security.

We have worked in partnership with local authorities for over a decade. We’re local government’s leading partner on ensuring fair and consistent implementation of flexible working arrangements across their workforces, including within frontline teams.

The recovery from the pandemic and the current cost of living crisis have focused local authorities’ priorities on inclusive growth. In response, we’ve built on the foundations of our ‘Timewise Councils’ accreditation scheme, supporting local authorities to improve their approach to flexible working for all staff, and enhance their role as service provider and anchor, driving change among local businesses.

We’re creating a network of pioneering Fair Flexible Councils, launching in Spring 2023, to provide and share insight, capabilities and ideas on fair flexible working practices at strategic and operational levels for HR, economic regeneration and inclusive growth teams.

The Fair Flexible Council programme is designed to tackle three major challenges facing local authorities across the UK:

  • Reducing workforce disparities in access to flexible working arrangements
  • The cost of living crisis
  • Low productivity due to skills and recruitment challenges

Outcomes of participation in the programme include:

  • New insight, skills, capabilities and ideas at strategic and operational levels for HR, inclusive growth and employment and skills teams.
  • A comprehensive action plan setting out the council’s approach to improving access to fair flexible work across their own workforce and local labour market.
  • Networking opportunities and peer learning with other local authority leaders and teams.
  • Fair Flexible Council and practitioner status.

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“The concepts, case studies and examples that Timewise worked through with us really shaped our thinking, and gave our managers the confidence to explore and develop workable solutions. The programme was the perfect vehicle to bring together the right people at the right time to deliver lasting change, and I’d strongly recommend it.”

Sam McVaigh, Head of Workforce Strategy, Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council has undertaken the Timewise Council programme, the precursor programme to Fair Flexible Councils.

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