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9 in 10 UK employees either work flexibly already or wish they could; for some, it’s more important than salary. By considering flexible working from the get-go, and positioning your organisation as a flexible employer, you'll gain an edge in the hiring market.

Recruitment services

Our specialist jobs board, Timewise Jobs, offers the perfect opportunity to enhance your flexible credentials, and get your role in front of talented people who’d prefer to flex.

With over 10 years’ experience in this sphere, we’re ahead of the game when it comes to flexible hiring, and can use our expertise to help you get your messaging right. And our reputation for promoting only quality roles (no franchises or minimum wage jobs) means talented potential candidates are keen to search through us.

4 key reasons to use Timewise Jobs


Enhance your employer brand

Flexible working is a hot topic these days. And hiring flexibly puts out the clearest possible message that you are a forward thinking, listening business. By advertising your flexible roles on Timewise Jobs, you’ll get seen by a diverse audience of candidates for whom flex really matters.


High calibre candidates

Many people seeking flexible work have years of experience under their belt. Parents and older workers for example, who want to use their skills for an employer who will value their contribution. 71% of our candidates have managerial or professional experience, and 68% are graduates.


Inclusion and diversity

Flexible working is well known to increase gender diversity, and a high proportion of our candidates are women. Reaching out to them, to return them to the talent pipeline, even helps reduce the gender pay gap. But flexible hiring also supports the inclusion of older workers and disabled people.


Support with your flex message

When you advertise your vacancies with us, our specialist team can help you describe your flexibility offer, in a way that will best appeal to potential candidates. And on your recruiter profile page within the site, we can advise on how to present your organisation as a modern, inclusive workplace.

I applaud the companies that offer full time but flexible working. The companies I have seen advertising on Timewise Jobs have gone up in my estimation for understanding that there are very talented and worthy people out there who will work hard but cannot commit to traditional work patterns.

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