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About Power 50

We launched our annual celebration of flexible excellence in 2012. Here’s why we created the Power 50 awards and why they still matter today.

Back in 2012, the generally-held view was that flexible working wasn’t possible at a high level. And that puzzled us. Anecdotally, we knew there were senior people who were making a success of working part-time. But they were rarely open about their arrangements, and we wanted to know why.

So we carried out some research, and we got our answer: 41% of respondents said they would never use the words ‘part-time’ to describe themselves, because they feared they would be negatively stereotyped. As one told us, “I just dodge the question and try to hide it.”

It was to tackle this stigma, and bring senior level part-timers out into the open, that we launched the first Timewise Power 50 in 2012. Now a regular fixture in the calendar, it celebrates the achievements of the UK’s leading flexible workers and encourages others to follow suit.

Since 2012, the Power 50 awards have told the stories of 300 incredible senior individuals, and inspired many others to view part-time work as a possibility, for themselves and for their teams.

As the flexible jobs market has evolved, our awards have evolved to match. Instead of focusing solely on senior part-timers, we’ve judged this year’s winners across five categories, and have begun to champion flexible employers too.

But the principles behind the awards are the same. To change the conversation about part-time and flexible working, proving that it’s not just achievable, but aspirational. To celebrate the people and places who do it well. And to encourage the potential flexible stars of tomorrow to start thinking about what’s possible.

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