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Power 50: what it’s all about

Help us celebrate today’s flexible stars, and the organisations that support them, by nominating them for the 2020 Power 50 awards. Closing date is Monday 4th November.

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Do you know a senior leader who does brilliant things on a flexible basis? A rising star who is making a success of their flexible role? Or an innovative employer who really delivers flexibility for their employees?

Flexible working is becoming more widely accepted, but the pace of change is still too slow to match the massive demand. So we’re looking to keep up the momentum, and showcase the positive impact of flexible working, by highlighting the people and places who do it best.

We’re asking you to nominate friends and colleagues who are stand-out flexible stars, and inspirational employers with an innovative approach to making flexibility work. Our panel of judges will then choose the best of the best to create the Power 50 2020.

Individual entries

Individual entries will be judged under the following categories. Please note, there isn’t a fixed quota for each category; we’ll simply select the best 50 individuals or pairs, regardless of their role.

Power 50

Power Part-Timers

Senior leaders who work four days or fewer a week.

Power Climbers

Middle managers who are tipped for success, and work four days or fewer a week.

Power 50

Power Job Sharers

Pairs of senior individuals who work together in a job share or job split.

Power 50

Power Returners

Professional people who have returned from a career break of two years or more into a senior role on a part-time or flexible basis.

Power 50

Power Founders

Small business founders who have used their start-up status to give themselves the chance to work flexibly. Must have been trading for a minimum of two years (no sole traders) and have an annual turnover above £300,000.

Employer entries

Employer entries will be judged under the following categories. We are keen to champion organisations of all sizes, so please remember to specify the number of employees in your nomination.

Power 50 awards

Innovation in Flexible Job Design

Organisations with a strong track record of designing jobs with flexibility built in, which deliver for their employees as well as their business.

Power 50 awards

Innovation in Flexible Hiring

Organisations who consistently offer flexibility at the point of hire, and aren’t afraid to shout about it.

What are our judges looking for?

Our panel of judges will be looking for stand-out people who show excellence in their field, and display:

  • SENIORITY – challenging the notion that part time working only suits junior roles
  • INSPIRATION – breaking new ground or using their position to provide a role model for others
  • SUCCESS – demonstrating clear progress or significant achievement whilst working flexibly

Our judges will also need to be convinced of the FUTURE POTENTIAL of prospective Power Climbers, and see evidence of ENTREPRENEURIALSM for Power Founders.


Please read our terms and conditions before entering. If you have any questions or need a hard copy of the form, please contact

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