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Entry form for Power Part-timers category

Entrants to the Power Part Timers category are people who have reached the most senior levels of business, work 4 days per week or less (80% contract), and were hired or promoted into the role on that basis. We're also interested to hear from people who run their own businesses on a part-time basis.

Overall, the judges will be marking entries against each of the below criteria points. Please bear this in mind when answering the questions in the form.

  • SENIORITY – the senior level of the nominee challenges the notion that part-time working only suits junior roles
  • INSPIRATION – it’s a story that breaks new ground or holds personal interest, and will provide a role model for others


We strongly advise you to draft your answers in a word document before copying and pasting them into the form below. We regret that there is no ‘save’ functionality, so if you navigate away from the page before hitting ‘submit’, you will lose your work.