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Entry forms for the Year 10 Power List

If you’re ready to get nominating for our Year 10 Power List, you’ve come to the right place. Please submit your entry by 12 January 2022.

Entry criteria

For our 10th Power List, we’re seeking entries in two categories; Power Part-Timers and Power Climbers. Nominees need to have been either hired or promoted into their role, and to be working four days or fewer each week. We welcome joint entries from job sharers, for either category.

As well as nominating friends or colleagues you can also nominate yourself; we strongly encourage self-entries and never reveal our sources.

What are our judges looking for?

Our judging panel will be looking for people who are stand-out examples of part-time working in action, demonstrating:

  • SENIORITY – challenging the notion that part-time working only suits junior roles
  • INSPIRATION – breaking new ground or using their position to be a role model for others
  • SUCCESS – delivering clear progress or significant achievement whilst working flexibly

Power Climber nominees will also need to demonstrate their FUTURE POTENTIAL.

Choose the right entry form for your category

Power List

Successful senior leaders who work four days or fewer each week, and were hired or promoted into their role.

Power List

Talented managers who are tipped for the top, and were hired or promoted into a role of four days or fewer per week.

Please read our terms and conditions before submitting your nomination(s). If you have any questions or need a hard copy of the form(s), contact