Consultancy & training

Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes on the big picture: what flexible working strategy will bring most benefit to your business? How do you implement this? What training does your business need? Our consultancy and training services will help you to deep dive into the impact that flexible working has, or could have, on your business.

We help you unlock the organisational benefits of flexibility. Our unbiased and holistic approach means we can show you how to maximise the benefits of flexible working for both employers and employees alike. 14 million UK workers want to work flexibly, especially when changing jobs or returning from a career break. Don’t let your business miss out on attracting and retaining the best talent.

How we work with your organisation

We work with different departments in your organisation to help:

  • Business leaders to understand the business case for flexibility, audit your current position or develop a flexible working programme that fits with your organisational strategy.
  • HR, Diversity and OD professionals to develop strategy and policy. We can also provide training solutions to implement flexible working, flexible hiring and flexible job design.
  • Recruitment teams to acquire the skills and information to encourage appropriate flexibility at every stage of the candidate’s journey.
  • Line managers with recruitment and managing a flexible workforce.
  • Communications teams to tailor employer brand and internal messaging to address the specific concerns of your workforce and potential candidates.

What we offer

We offer half-day or two-hour sessions on the following topics, or we can design a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

Flexible working strategy and business case
Flexible working, and its sister concepts, agile, dynamic, smart or intelligent working, have taken on a wide range of different meanings. Our long experience of working with many different businesses can give you the market insight, research and case studies to enable you to position flexibility to enhance your organisational goals.

Flexible hiring
The Timewise Flexible Jobs Index shows that only 9.8% of advertised quality jobs offer flexible working options. We can help you to incorporate flexibility at the point of hire, allowing you to attract and recruit high performers from a wider talent pool.

Flexible job design
Poor job design can lead to a reluctance to embrace flexibility, especially from Line Managers. Our flexible job design interventions help you to meet both organisational and individual needs. We help build management capacity to:

  • Manage flexible workers
  • Structure teams
  • Enable organisations to engage and retain existing staff
  • Attract new hires from a wider talent pool.

Crafting culture change
Policy is the easy part of flexible working. Convincing line managers turns policy into practice. We design bespoke training packages and internal communications strategies to help you bring your staff with you.

Get in touch

For more information about our consultancy and training services, please email or call Natalie on 020 7633 4451.