The National Childbirth Trust recommends that employers explore the creation of high quality flexible jobs through Timewise.

28 Nov 2014

The NCT has today released research on the barriers that new parents face when looking for work after children – and on their key worries.

Chief amongst parents’ concerns is the lack of opportunities to find flexible work at their former level of experience or skill.

The NCT’s recommendations

Off the back of the research, the NCT has made four key recommendations, for both Government and business, designed to stimulate the creation of more high quality flexible jobs.

One is: “Employers to increase availability of part time and flexible roles at all levels, including senior roles and higher pay scale posts, and demonstrate this commitment by becoming a Timewise accredited employer” (from Working it Out, a report reflecting on the needs of parents returning to the modern workplace, November 2014).

Emma Stewart, joint CEO of the Timewise Foundation says: “We are delighted to see such an influential organisation as the NCT back our call for wide-scale market change. Just 3 per cent of vacancies advertised at salaries of £20,000 FTE a year or more are for part time jobs  – and yet thousands of talented and skilled people need such jobs, including those with young families but also carers, those trying to balance work with an illness, and those who simply want to live their lives differently.”

The Timewise accreditation scheme is currently being rolled out through public sector organisations.

Emma Stewart continues: “A few trailblazing employers are already starting to understand that by offering flexible working at the point of recruitment, you can tap into a really niche pool of experienced talent. But in order for ‘work’ to match up to the way we are living our lives, more rapid change is needed. Timewise accreditation is designed to help employers on that journey – and share the learnings of leaders in this field.”

The NCT’s other 3 recommendations were for:

“The Government to promote a variety of flexible working arrangements using positive case studies and emphasising the benefits to employers of encouraging experienced employees to return to work after becoming a parent.”

“Employers to make it clear in their staff handbook and in job advertisements that flexible working arrangements are available to women and men, so that all employees are aware of their rights and entitlements. NCT supports the use of the ‘happy to talk flexible working’ logo developed by Working Families.”

“Employers to invite men, as well as women, to review their working arrangements with the HR department and their manager when they become a parent.”

Further information

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