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Whether you need to deep dive into a specific challenge within your flexible working strategy, or want external guidance for a holistic culture change, our team will work with you to create a programme of support.

We recognise that no two organisations are at the same stage when it comes to flexible working. Operational constraints vary too, and so do your underlying reasons for wanting to get flexible working ‘right’ in your business. So there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

When you want fully bespoke support, our expert consultants can draw on many years’ experience of designing and delivering specialist flexible working programmes. And we’ve worked with a wide range of organisations across many industry sectors. So we understand the common challenges around flexible working, and how to overcome them.

Working with Timewise has given us a rich understanding of the business case for flexibility in our stores, and the potential benefits for our people and our organisation.

Alison Payne, Head of People Operations, Cook

Examples of bespoke projects we’ve delivered for clients include:

  • Creating and presenting the business case for action, bringing our challenge and insight to ignite the leadership team to action.
  • An audit of flexible working practices across multiple divisions and regions, including 360 degree research within teams, to identify barriers and showcase areas of good practice.
  • A deep dive into a specific operational team where it was proving particularly difficult to accommodate flexibility, to identify compatible types of flexible working patterns.
  • Looking specifically at part-time job design, with the aim of reducing the gender pay gap by increasing opportunities to work reduced hours.

But of course, your project will be of your choosing. And whatever it is, we’re ready and keen.


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