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Public sector bodies, such as hospitals, employ large numbers of people. So when they become more flexible, it has a massive impact. Here's how the Timewise Accreditation programme helps widen access to flexible working.

It’s no secret that many NHS Trusts and public sector bodies are struggling to recruit and retain the staff they need. And, like all organisations in the public sphere, they are facing increasing financial challenges which make efficiency and productivity more critical than ever.

Maximising flexible working opportunities tackles all these issues head on.

  • It improves staff attraction and retention, offering working patterns that balance with people’s lives.
  • This in turn has a positive effect on employee well-being, productivity and motivation.
  • It supports the development of a diverse, inclusive workforce, and helps tackle workplace inequality.
  • And it uses up-to-date technology to deliver a more agile workforce, freeing assets for alternative use.

It’s for this reason that we have developed the Timewise Accreditation programme. A practical toolkit, it includes strategic insight, leadership engagement and hands-on workshops for your team.

The aim is to support public sector leaders to develop and design new approaches to flexible working that will deliver radical change. On completion, the organisation becomes accredited as a Timewise Trust.

Five steps to Timewise Accreditation

  • Diagnostic review
  • Vision development
  • Action planning
  • Leadership engagement
  • Improvement plan submission

Improvement plans are independently reviewed before accreditation is awarded.

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