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Flexible working fixes

Employee well-being

The more control any of us feel we have over our working lives, the better we feel about work.

Dr Mark Winwood, Clinical Director of Psychological Services, Axa PPP Healthcare


What has flexible working got to do with employee well-being?

The ability to work flexibly can help people feel more in control of their lives – and that’s more critical now than it’s ever been. During 2018, 37% of organisations saw a rise in stress-related absence and 55% an increase in mental health problems, according to CIPD research.

Why is this an issue for employers?

Well-being matters; it’s a serious issue, not a fluffy HR nice-to-have. Any employer who cares about their employees should be concerned by these statistics. And retention, productivity and employer reputation are all put at risk by overstretched, unwell and unhappy staff.

So what should you do?

Work with your employees to design flexible roles that allow them to balance their work with the rest of their lives. And encourage senior staff to lead by example, so junior colleagues feel able to do the same. You’ll end up with happier, healthier, more engaged staff who stay with you for longer.