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Retention and progression

75% of employers say flexible working has a positive effect on retention.

Flexible Working Provision and Uptake, CIPD, 2012


What has flexible working got to do with retention and progression?

87% of employees either work flexibly already or wish they could. If there aren’t a range of flexible jobs available throughout their organisation, they won’t be able to progress. Some end up trapped in jobs below their skill level to keep their flexibility. Others leave to find it elsewhere.

Why is this an issue for employers?

It costs an average of £30,000 to replace an employee, so it doesn’t make sense to train up your staff only to lose them to a more flexible competitor. And having talented people working in roles they’re over-qualified for is bad for motivation, productivity, well-being and, as a result, your business.

So what should you do?

Design properly flexible roles at all levels. Take career development for flexible workers as seriously as for full-timers. And champion senior flexible workers to encourage those coming up behind them. That way you’ll hang on to, and get the best from, employees who want or need to work flexibly.

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