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Problems we solve

Flexible working can help solve some of today’s most important business problems. Here are some of the strategic priorities we can help you tackle.

  • Hybrid working

    As working practices continue to evolve, hybrid working is the phrase on everyone’s lips. Here's how it will benefit your business and the best way to implement it.

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  • Gender pay gap

    The gender pay gap is complex but one thing is clear: the more senior women you have, the smaller it becomes. Introducing flexible working at all levels is the answer.

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  • Retention and progression

    Pay rises only buy short term loyalty. The secret to retaining and progressing today’s talented employees is to let them work flexibly.

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  • Talent attraction

    Demand for flexible working is at an all-time high. So if you want to persuade brilliant people to join your organisation, you need to offer flexibility up front.

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  • Employee well-being

    Cases of stress and mental health issues are on the rise, with serious implications for employers and employees. Introducing flexible working can turn this around.

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  • Inclusion and diversity

    It’s now widely accepted that having an inclusive workforce helps businesses be more successful. Offering flexible working is a great way to improve participation from key groups.

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