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84% of men, 91% of women and 92% of millennials either work flexibly or wish they could.

Flexible Working: A Talent Imperative, Timewise, 2017


What has flexible working got to do with talent attraction?

Flexible working is high on employee wish lists. 87% of employees either work flexibly already or wish they could, and it’s considered more important than salary by some. But there’s a massive gap between supply and demand, with only 15% of jobs advertised as having flexible options.

Why is this an issue for employers?

In an era of skills shortages and relatively full employment, the best candidates are in high demand.  So if you don’t offer flexible working, and your competitors do, you could end up missing out on talented people who could make a real difference to your business.

So what should you do?

Design flexibility into your roles, and be upfront about it when recruiting. This will widen the pool of candidates you have to choose from. It’ll also mean they’re more likely to choose you in return, giving you the edge over your less flexible competitors.

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