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Making construction a great place to work: one year on

One year after the completion of our Construction Pioneer Programme, we’ve gone back to our four firms to review their progress. What’s changed, and what’s next?

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In the summer of 2021, we published the report on our Construction Pioneers Programme; and people across the industry sat up and took notice. The programme demonstrated beyond any doubt that it IS possible to introduce flexible working for on-site roles, and that the benefits of doing so are clear.

One year on, we have gone back to our Construction Pioneers to review their progress; and the good news is, flexible working is continuing to be a success story for all four firms. They have rolled out and built further on the learnings from the programme, with no detrimental effect on budgets or timelines and with plenty of positive impact on staff well-being and performance.

Additionally, our Pioneers believe that that flexible working has been a key contributor to a huge reduction in sickness absence – by over one third in two of the firms. They are also reporting increased productivity levels through the use of hybrid working, which they feel is the result of having a happier workforce better able to manage their commitments outside of work.

This review explores our Pioneers’ progress against the recommendations from our 2021 report. It highlights the impact of the changes they have made, and shares insights from leaders about what works. And it also sets out what needs to happen to cascade these learnings across the industry as a whole.

Published July 2022

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