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Gender pay gap

Flexible working for all lies at the heart of addressing the gender pay gap.

House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee


What has flexible working got to do with the gender pay gap?

The clash between the traditional 9-5 and the needs of working parents is at the heart of the gender pay gap. Due to a lack of flexible options, large numbers of mothers step back from their careers, or drop out entirely. And those who do make it back after a break often struggle to catch up.

Why is this an issue for employers?

A wide gender pay gap damages your employer brand, and may discourage talented candidates from choosing you. But it’s not just about data. It’s increasingly clear that having a workforce that mirrors the outside world is better for business. Closing the gap isn’t a quick fix, but it’s an important one.

So what should you do?

Design flexible roles at all levels, and be open about it when you’re hiring and promoting. Encourage flexible senior women to act as role models, and build a culture that supports them. This will help you recruit more women and allow them to progress, which over time will reduce your gap.

The GLA: closing the gender pay gap through flexibility

Case Study

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has been a Timewise Partner for more than four years. They strive to lead by example, particularly in relation to issues around diversity.

In order to help the organisation close its gender pay gap, the GLA asked us to work with them on a number of projects, such as improving their capability in flexible job design and building flexible career pathways.

The GLA’s most recent gender pay gap analysis showed a median gap of 4.82%, which is well below the national and London averages.

How we can help

Our consultancy and training team can work with you to design and deliver flexible roles at all levels, creating a pipeline for female talent. We can also deliver workshops and training sessions to get your HR teams, senior leaders and line managers on board, and start building a flexible-focused culture.

And if you have a flexible role to offer, we can help you find a talented candidate to fill it. Timewise Jobs, our jobs board, has over 90,000 registered users looking to offer their skills and experience to a flexible employer.