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Consultancy services

Successful flexible working doesn’t happen by accident. You need to understand the barriers, explore how to overcome them, and challenge your culture. Then you need to design roles creatively and market them effectively. Here's how.

  • Bespoke consultancy

    Whether you’re exploring flexible working strategy or ready for job design and delivery, our consultancy team will create the perfect programme.

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  • Day One Flex Ready

    Are you ready for Day One Flex? What about your line managers and hiring managers? If you don’t know where to start, our flexible working experts are here to help.

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  • Hybrid working: interactive programme

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  • Workshops and training

    Our expert-led workshops, masterclasses and training sessions will help you create a flexible working strategy – and bring it to life.

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  • Flex Positive programme

    In these times of unprecedented change, our flagship programme gives you the know-how to develop a sustainable flexible working strategy.

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  • Partnership

    As a Timewise Partner, you'll continue to benefit from our expert insights and advice on flexible working, as well as aligning your brand with best practice.

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  • Accreditation

    Designed for public sector bodies, the Timewise Accreditation programme aims to transform talent attraction and retention through flexible working.

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  • Fair Flexible Councils

    We're creating a network of pioneering Fair Flexible Councils to provide and share insight, capabilities and ideas on fair flexible working practices.

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  • Recruitment services

    Today's talented candidates want to work flexibly. Talk to Timewise Jobs about enhancing your flexible reputation and getting the right role in front of the right people.

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