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Power List: what it’s all about

This year’s Power List is a celebration of 30 senior individuals who have been hired or promoted on a part-time basis, overcoming the lack of flexibly advertised jobs.

In 2012, part-time progression wasn’t on anyone’s radar. Almost 3 in 4 of the UK public believed that it simply ‘wasn’t possible’ to work at a senior level for fewer than five days a week, and those who did so, tended to keep quiet about it. It was this that drove us to create the Timewise Power List, to bring successful part-timers out of the shadows and start to chip away at the stigma.

In the intervening years, the Power List has tracked how things have changed, showcasing more than 400 people who were achieving their A-game whilst working part-time. And over the same period, the view of the general public has been turned on its head, with 3 in 4 people now believing that part-time employees should have equal opportunities to progress at work.

It’s a really positive shift – but unfortunately the jobs market hasn’t caught up; currently, just 8% of jobs are advertised as part-time. So this year’s Power List champions 30 individuals who don’t just work part-time, but have been hired or promoted on that basis. We’re also highlighting three innovative flexible employers who are showing their sectors how it’s done.

It’s our hope that their examples will encourage more organisations to get behind flexible hiring and crack the part-time jobs market wide open. Read and be inspired.

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