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Power List: what it’s all about

Our 10th Power List will be a celebration of 30 senior individuals who have been hired or promoted on a part-time basis, overcoming the lack of flexibly advertised jobs.

10 years after our first Power List, flexible working is a hot topic – but the need for part-time role models is as great as ever. Can you help us find them?

In 2012, when we launched the first Timewise Power List, senior-level flexible working was more of a guilty secret than a viable choice. Few leaders worked part-time or flexibly, and those who did tended to keep quiet about it.

So we created the Power List to make some noise, telling the stories of high-powered part-timers to change the conversation around what’s possible. And now, 10 years of campaigning and a global pandemic later, flex and hybrid working are high on the agenda of every HR and leadership team.

But the rise in remote working is disguising the fact that quality part-time roles are still the exception, not the rule. Only 8% of jobs are advertised as part-time, and a miniscule amount are at a senior level, or offering options for progression. So the need for part-time role models, to inspire and encourage those coming up behind, is greater than ever.

Our Year 10 Power List is a landmark moment – can we use it to shift the dial further, by highlighting brilliant people who’ve been hired or promoted into a part-time role? Yes, we can – with your help. Please do your bit by making your nomination(s) now.

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