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There’s no substitute for learning from the experts. Our team have created workshops, masterclasses and training sessions to help you create and deliver your flexible working strategy.

Our workshops are extremely practical, drawing on our experience of ‘what works’ and full of examples and case studies. Our team of flexible working experts will shape a workshop tailored to the needs of your audience – whether it’s line managers, leaders, HR or DEI. We ensure that participants leave with new knowledge and tools, and a commitment to action. 

Our core workshops include:

Flexible hiring – for talent acquisition and recruiters

Want to attract a diverse and talented pool of candidates?  

We know having a clear and compelling offer on flexible working is a key attraction tool – as or even more important than salary to many candidates. 

“I really liked the breakdown of different types of flexible working and ideas of what to consider.”
Manager, insurance & savings provider

In this workshop we help your hiring experts to: 

  • Make the case for hiring flexibly: to the managers they support 
  • Stay ahead of the Flex from Day One legislation: ensuring flexible working is considered right from the start of recruitment
  • Embedding flex throughout your hiring process: from job specs to onboarding, ensuring your hiring process demonstrates your commitment to flexible working

Job design masterclass – for HR practitioners

Interested in unlocking more roles to flexible working in your organisation? Keen to design hybrid or part time roles which help people thrive?  

Flexible job design is a critical skill for modern HR practitioners.

“I have gained a much greater understanding as to how to enable managers to introduce and/or extend flexible working within their clinical area.”
HR manager, NHS trust

Led by real experts, this workshop will enable you to:

  • Identify the full range of ways to work flexibly: including access to Timewise job design tools and guidance 
  • Understand what can be offered in site-based or frontline roles: using our Shift-Life Balance model and examples from a range of sectors
  • Embed a stronger flexible working culture: identifying the critical success factors which will bring your new approach to life.

Leading a hybrid team – a masterclass for managers

Do your managers need support to find the right balance between office and remote working? Are you keen to build more cohesion and connection amongst your hybrid teams?

Hybrid working is the new normal, but surprisingly, the majority of managers have not had training to ensure they are making this way of working truly effective in their teams. 

This Timewise workshop is designed to upskill managers of hybrid and remote teams, developing their skills and confidence to make a success of hybrid. 

“I feel better equipped to keep us working cohesively. It’s an ongoing learning process, but I’m now on the right track.”
Regional operations manager

This workshop will include:

  • The value of the office for a hybrid team: finding the right connection points for your team
  • Ensuring wellbeing and inclusion: overcoming hybrid biases and supporting wellbeing in a hybrid workplace
  • Managing performance in a hybrid world: outcome based management and tackling common issues with remote working 
  • The role of a leader in a hybrid team: the influence of leadership style and ways of working

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