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There’s no substitute for learning from the experts. Our team have created a suite of workshops, masterclasses and training sessions to help you create and deliver your flexible working strategy.

A successful flexible working strategy doesn’t happen by accident. You need to get to grips with the business case, understand the challenges and create a plan for overcoming them. And you need to make sure your HR, D&I, resourcing, line management and leadership teams are all on board and up-to-date.

We offer a suite of sessions within four broad categories to help you master every step of the process. All delivered by our expert teams who know flexible working inside out.

Strategy and planning workshops to guide your thinking

These sessions will support you and your colleagues as you start the journey towards a flexible culture.

We’ll help you understand the benefits of flexible working and flexible hiring, and take your first steps towards change.

  • The business case for flexible hiring: HR /line manager workshop
  • Vision and principles for flexible working: Project team workshop
  • Action planning for flexible success: Project team workshop

Team sessions to ensure buy-in across your organisation

However good your strategy is, it won’t get off the ground without buy-in from the rest of your organisation.

These sessions will inform, engage and inspire your teams as well as busting any prevailing myths about flexible working.

  • Why and how to embed flexible working: Leadership engagement session
  • Introduction to flexible team management and job design: Line manager training session
  • Expert insight on everything flex at your next event: Timewise speaker hire

Deep practice sessions to upskill your team

The final step towards flexible success is to make sure your team have the right knowledge and skills.

We’ll share our expertise in flexible practice, developed over 15 years, as well as insights based on latest thinking.

  • How to bring your strategy to life across your organisation: HR masterclass
  • Taking flexible job design and management to the next level: Deep-dive line manager workshop
  • Why and how to offer flexibility at the point of hire: Training session for talent acquisition / resourcing / HR teams

Focus on hybrid working: getting it right for your organisation

Hybrid working is fast becoming the new normal, but it needs careful thinking to get it right. Is there a consensus in your organisation about what approach will work best for you? And do your managers have the skills to make the change?

Our two-phase programme will steer you through the process, and help you get it right.

  • Clarifying a vision and approach that will work for your business: Leadership Session
  • Upskilling your managers to redesign working patterns and manage hybrid teams: training session for line managers

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