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Tackling social inequality

Flexible working is all about equality of opportunity. So there’s a strong social case for helping people find and keep a quality flexible job with the chance to progress.

There’s a serious gap in the UK jobs market between the flexibility people need, and the roles which are available. And it’s causing equally serious social and financial inequality.

For many parents, carers, older workers or people with mental or physical health issues, full-time work just isn’t an option. But the lack of flexible working opportunities, particular higher up the ladder, can leave them facing a stark choice: stay trapped in a low-paid flexible role, or don’t work at all.

This has a huge impact on issues such as

  • social mobility
  • child poverty
  • welfare dependency
  • gender pay
  • work-life balance
  • well-being
  • mental health
  • workplace diversity

We’re working to tackle this equality gap, by making Good Flexible Work available to all. We team up with with policymakers, industry bodies and employers to break down the barriers to flexible working, and devise ‘two-way flexibility’ that benefits both employers and employees.

Social inequality in numbers

Less than 1 in 4 UK jobs are advertised
with flexible working options.

1.5 million people are trapped in poorly-paid part-time jobs beneath their skill set.

Two thirds of the global workforce are shift workers who have flexibility in theory, but little scope for progression or predictable schedules.

Over 5 million people in the UK are in low paid insecure work, having sacrificed employment rights and security for flexibility.

Making Good Flexible Work more widely available will allow more people to find, keep and progress in suitable roles. Both they, and society, will benefit as a result.

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