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Creating returner programmes: download our guidelines

Guidelines for Returner Programmes

Returner programmes are becoming increasingly popular with employers who want to recruit talented, experienced people, growing from just three in 2014 to over 40 last year.

For employees, the benefits of these programmes are obvious. They usually include training and mentoring to boost the returner’s confidence, and to help fill any skills and knowledge gaps. And they often lead to a permanent role, either straight away or at the end of the programme, if both sides are agreeable.

How returner programmes deliver for business

But what’s perhaps less well-known is the advantages they can deliver to an organisation. As well as being a cost-effective way to recruit experienced hires, returner programmes can help employers:

  • Get access to a new, high-calibre talent pool
  • Improve gender, age and cognitive diversity
  • Support a female talent pipeline and help close the gender pay gap
  • Improve broader attraction and retention
  • Tackle skills shortages

To help employers make the most of these advantages, we have created a set of Best Practice Guidelines for Returner Programmes, in collaboration with Women Returners and the Government Equalities Office. They offer a step-by-step guide to what returner programmes are, how to set them up, how to incorporate flexible working and how to deliver them successfully.

Download pdf Guidelines for Returner Programmes

Find out more

I hope you find the guidelines useful, and if Timewise can be of any further help, do please get in touch.

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Published June 2018

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