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Gaining an edge in the fight for talent

Research by Timewise Jobs into the attitudes and behaviours of flexible jobseekers reveals how their ‘flex criteria’ limits which jobs they apply for. To maximise candidate applications, employers need to rethink the role of flex in their recruitment strategies.

Gaining an Edge in the Fight for Talent

In this next pandemic phase, the hiring market must undergo an about-shift to keep pace with the times. This report from Timewise Jobs is for recruitment professionals, employer brand specialists and people leaders who want to best position their organisations to attract a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Amongst its many findings, the research highlights the scepticism that flex-seeking candidates have towards job adverts with generic promises of a flexible working culture. It also provides a vital reminder that remote working is just one form of flexibility, and that candidates’ strong appetite for part-time must not be forgotten in the rush to adapt to hybrid working patterns.   

The report concludes by providing clear recommendations to businesses, on how best to articulate flexibility in order to increase job applications and develop employer branding for our new working world. 

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