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The social impact of Timewise’s work – and why it matters

We work to tackle social inequality, delivering against ambitious targets. Read what we’ve achieved in this year’s Timewise Social Impact Report.

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From the very beginnings of Timewise and its predecessor, Women Like Us, we have been driven by a clear social mission. It’s this: to ensure that everyone can find the flexibility they need in their careers, without reducing their value in the workplace.

Why does this matter? Because some groups of people, such as parents and carers, older workers or those with mental or physical health issues, struggle to work full-time. And unfortunately, there are still far fewer part-time and flexible roles available than people who want them. So while this is a business issue – with the ability to impact on strategic imperatives such as talent attraction and retention – it’s also a social one.

The serious lack of flexible working opportunities, particularly higher up the ladder, is a key factor in a whole raft of issues that affect society as a whole. Child and in-work poverty, wellbeing, inclusion and the gender pay gap can all be tackled by increasing the availability of stable, properly paid part-time and flexible jobs.

How we assess our social impact

So how do we deliver on our mission – and how do we know we’re succeeding? The answer is by being clear about what we do, and transparent about how we assess it. And we share both these aspects of our work in the Timewise Social Impact Report.

We widen the availability of good flexible work in four main ways:

  • We campaign and inform on the need for flexible working and the barriers that are preventing it. This includes working with the government in forums such as the Flexible Working Taskforce, highlighting the lack of flexible jobs through our annual Flexible Jobs Index, and raising awareness of what’s possible through our Power 50 awards.
  • We work with businesses to help them get better at flexible working. This includes working with leadership teams to design and deliver flex-friendly workplace cultures, supporting middle managers with flexible job design, and training HR teams and line managers to recruit and manage flexible candidates.
  • We part-fund and run projects in hard-to-crack sectors with shift-based schedules or other specific constraints, such as retail, asset management, nursing and construction. We do this to ensure that people in everyday frontline jobs have the opportunity to find and progress in good, secure flexible jobs. The profits we earn from our corporate clients are fed back into this work.
  • We connect flexible workers with flexible friendly employers through Timewise Jobs, a part-time and flexible only jobs board. This supports people who are looking for their first flexible role, or seeking to take their flex with them into a promotion.

And we’re assessing our progress between 2019 and 2021 against key aims, each with clear KPIs:

  • Driving actionable change in flexible working: To work with over 100 employers, influencing their strategies and practice
  • Creating a positive impact on the lives of employees: To positively impact the lives of 1 million people
  • Unlocking flexible jobs through our jobs board: To grow the volume of quality jobs on Timewise Jobs, posting 25,000 over the three years.

You can find out how we’re doing against these targets – and read some mini case studies of people and organisations we’ve helped – in the latest Timewise Social Impact Report.

We’re incredibly proud of the social aspect of what we do – and the commitment we have to delivering it is shared by every member of our team. If you’re similarly driven, and would like to know more about how you can support our work, please get in touch.


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