The Timewise Foundation

The Timewise Foundation champions Timewise’s social agenda. We work with policymakers, industry bodies and employers to tackle the structural barriers to Good Flexible Work. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can find the flexibility they need in their careers, without reducing their value in the workplace.

Tackling social inequalityTackling social inequality

Too many people are stuck in low-paid, insecure or career-limiting roles because they can’t work full time. Access to good flexible and part-time work can help them get out of this trap.

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Timewise Innovation Unit

Innovation Unit

The Innovation Unit is the Foundation’s do-tank. We research, test and share ‘what works’ in challenging roles and sectors, to create Good Flexible Work which leaves no one behind.

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Launching new ideasWorkplace pilots

Hard-to-fix sectors need bespoke flexible working solutions. Find out what we’re doing in the workplace to run in-depth flexible job design pilots and pre-pilot programmes.

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Flexible working drives fairnessSocial impact

We’re proud of the impact our work has on individual people, as well as on the jobs market as a whole. Our impact reports show how we measure our success.

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Supporting our workOur supporters

The work of the Timewise Foundation would not be possible without our supporters. Their funding allows us to invest our energy and expertise into creating a fairer workplace for all.

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