Demand for flexible working is at an all-time high: 87% of full-time workers either work flexibly already, or wish they could. And productivity, engagement and retention all go up when flexibility is introduced. So if you want a talented, loyal workforce performing at its best, flexible working delivers.

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Flexible working is rarely out of the news these days. Here’s our take on the latest trends and how they may impact your organisation.

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Our research helps employers to develop their talent strategies, and also informs the strategic development of public services.

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What is flex

What is flexible working?

The term ‘flexible working’ can mean different things to different people. Here’s our definition of where it sits in today’s workplace.

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Business case for flexible workingThe business case for flexible working

From finding and keeping the best people to cutting your overheads, there are massive business benefits to be gained by offering flexible working.

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employee wellbeing appleHow flexible working helps employee wellbeing

Flexible working has been shown to improve employee engagement and wellbeing. So employers who care about their staff need to take it seriously.

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