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Part-time Works

A new podcast from Timewise and Phoenix Insights to explore, understand and celebrate good part-time working.

Episode 1

Working part-time in 2024 – a modern experience of part time working, from tackling assumptions to rally car racing.

Let’s build a picture of modern day part-time work. With PR jobshare Sharon Foxwell and Jo Holdom in Devon, and dad Alex Kihurani, in London.

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Episode 2

Inspiring bosses: what makes for great managers of part-time workers.

Two managers of part-time workers – who also work part-time themselves –  discuss what qualities make for great leaders of people who need time-based flex. With Kelly Keating in Bournemouth, and Andrew Eaton in Birmingham.

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Episode 3

Can you work part-time in the frontline? Demonstrating the art of the possible.

Can there be work-life balance in shift-based jobs? Nurse Julie Snell has worked part-time for 25 years. Detective Constable Nisha Chandra is new to flex. The two discuss the nuts and bolts of how their jobs work.

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Episode 4

Part-time paths to progression – carving out your own path and making it work for you.

Can you work part-time and shape the career you want? Yes.  Sarah Ellis, co-host of the Squiggly Careers podcast and co-founder Amazing If, and Phoenix Group’s Claire Hawkins discuss their own individual career journeys.

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Episode 5

Part-time changed the course of my life.

Good part-time working can unlock your life and set you on a better path. Professor Richard Lanyon-Hogg and Dr Katie Perry discuss how part-time working changed both their lives – and look at the incredible talent pool of people who work part-time.

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Bonus Episode

Reflections upon the series & part-time work in the UK

Coming 15 July

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Phoenix Insights is a think tank set up by Phoenix Group to transform the way society responds to the possibilities of longer lives.