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Hybrid working: 2-step programme

Studies have shown that much of the workforce would prefer a hybrid working arrangement. But in order to make a success of it, you need to understand what it means, what the potential pitfalls are, and how it will unfold within your organisation. We can help.

Hybrid working sounds so easy – you just need to mix the office back in with the home-working we’ve all become used to during the pandemic. So, what’s the problem?

The truth is that there are many potential pitfalls, and getting it wrong could prove costly. The best approach to hybrid working is likely to vary by the type of role, and by other factors such as whether an employee is new to your organisation or an established team member.

Additionally, line managers might have a particular view of how they want their team to work, and individual team members will have their own emotional and practical preferences. Even when you reach a clear and consistent approach, your managers will need to acquire new skills to implement your approach successfully.

Our two-phase programme will help steer you through the process, and help you get it right.

2 half-day sessions to support successful transition


What will good hybrid working look like in your organisation?

We will guide and facilitate your leadership team to clarify a vision and approach that will work for your business. Using our hybrid working tools, you will develop parameters for your approach, so that it can be applied successfully across your organisation, be consistent and future-proof.

Following the session, our experienced consultants will work with your leadership team to refine your hybrid working principles, and gain your agreement to them.


Developing the skills to manage a hybrid workforce

A training workshop for your managers, upskilling them to implement your agreed approach. The session will include working through real-life scenarios, rooted in your teams’ experiences.

Your managers will leave the session feeling confident and capable to re-design jobs appropriately, for different roles and teams. They will also have increased capability to lead and manage hybrid teams.


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