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Job design masterclass – for HR practitioners and people managers

Are you struggling to make flexibility work in practice? 

Maybe you have a hybrid working policy but people complain they come to the office and no-one is there or they come to the office and sit on teams calls all day? 

Do you find your managers aren’t willing to consider part-time employees because they can’t see how the work can be done in less than full-time hours?

Maybe you feel that there’s no opportunities for flex in your shift-based or frontline roles?

We’re seeing increasing demand for and availability of flexible work, but in many cases a lack of understanding of how to design effective flexible roles. This workshop will equip your HR teams or people managers with the critical flexible job design skills needed to futureproof your organisation.

This Timewise workshop is designed for HR practitioners and people managers to better understand and feel confident in implementing flexible job design to unlock your organisational and people potential.  

I really liked the breakdown of the different types of flexible working and ideas on what to consider when designing flexible jobs for my team.

Manager, Phoenix Group

What do we mean by flexible job design? 

  • Understanding the full range of ways to work flexibly 
  • Identifying key outcomes and critical success factors for job roles 
  • Matching outcomes to ways of working  
  • Analysing where, when and how the role can be carried out more flexibly 

Timewise are the UK’s leading experts in flexible job design and flexible working across public and private sector in both front-line and office-based roles.

I have gained a much greater understanding as to how to enable managers to introduce and/or extend flexible working within their clinical area.

HR manager, NHS Trust

HR Practitioners and people managers will leave the workshop: 

  • With an understanding of the key factors in flexible job design  
  • Feeling confident in applying the Timewise Job Design Tool© for roles in your organisation 
  • Able to identify ways in which roles can be more flexible, including front-line or shift-based “hard to flex” jobs 
  • Ready to overcome manager objections to increased flexibility 

83% of our workshop participants commit to take action to change their flex working practices

What’s covered in the workshop:  

In this highly interactive and practical workshop we’ll cover: 

  • Benefits of flexible Job Design & how to overcome manager objections 
  • Key influences on effective job design including Job Analysis, Job Descriptions, KPIs and Objective Setting 
  • Flexibility in terms of where, when and how much – and how this applies to Job Design  
  • How to use the Timewise Job Design Tool© to quantify opportunities for flexibility  
  • How to embed a stronger flexible working culture: identifying the critical success factors which will bring your new approach to life. 

Timing & attendees:  

  • Half day workshop in person or 2.5 hours virtually 
  • HR Practitioners 
  • Up to 20 participants 

Get more information and book your workshop:

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