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Leading a hybrid team – a masterclass for managers

Do your managers need support to find the right balance between office and remote working?

Are you keen to build more cohesion and connection amongst your hybrid teams?

This Timewise workshop is designed to upskill managers of hybrid and remote teams, developing their skills and confidence to make a success of hybrid and distributed working.  

Drawing on our experience of designing and implementing hybrid working arrangements, and our research into the realities of hybrid working post-pandemic, this workshop will be interactive and practical.

Managers will leave the workshop:

  • Feeling confident to have conversations about hybrid working patterns
  • Understanding how to manage the performance of hybrid workers
  • With a plan of how to onboard new colleagues effectively

I understand my team and my role better and I’m learning to choose courage over comfort.

Attendee at Timewise hybrid training for managers

What’s covered in the workshop:  

Our workshops are interactive and participative, encouraging attendees to develop actions to take away and apply in the workplace.

We will explore the following topics, using employer examples and providing practical hints and tips:

  • The role of a leader in a hybrid team  
  • The value of the office for a hybrid team  
  • Supporting wellbeing in a hybrid workplace
  • Developing team cohesion and connection 
  • Top tips and watch outs, including: 
    • hybrid meetings  
    • onboarding
    • managing performance in a hybrid world

Attendees will also receive a copy of tools and materials to use with their teams including checklists, meeting guides, a tool for analysing team activities and a reflection tool to identify individual and team preferences.

Timing & attendees:  

  • 3 hour workshop for 15-20 attendees  
  • Delivered virtually or in person in your organisation, by our experienced flexible working consultants

Get more information and book your workshop:

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